Getting Started

The main objectives are:
**The collecting of Rare and Ultra Rare Breeds, as well as Uniques!  (Pets that are one of a kind)
**Breeding for beautiful combos and looks. Carrying on a rare line.
**Raising Stats levels for Skill, Charisma, Show, and various other traits.
The Basics.

Getting Money:

At the left hand Menu, you will see My Bank and My Paycheck.

Once a week, you can go to Paycheck and collect your Weekly Pay! This may vary, but it will give you a good boost each time!

There are other ways to ea money, selling Pets through the Trade System called the Swap Meet is one.

And don't worry:  You start off with a good nest egg of money, 100,000 Canicash!
Customs and Standards:
Customs can have backgrounds, items, new Bases all added at any time. 

Standards (Gen 2 and higher) can only have items and Bases added -- but if you purchase a new Base for your Gen 2 + you can then add Backgrounds too!
Adding a new Base to a Gen 2+ 'upgrades' that Pet. It allows the adding of any Background you wish. However -- you also completely and for good lose the 'look' you obtained from the parents - choose carefully! It may be better to just forego Backgrounds, if you have an amazing offspring look!
Most of the Sites of the Pet-Sim Online family have the collection of Bases as a main focus. Many Bases will be added and avail only once a year, and Uniques for only one week --- ever!

Rare:  Available Once A Year ( for one week ).

Super Rare:  Available Once A Year ( for one day )
Unique:  Available Once - for one week. Period, will never be offered again, the Base is retired from the Shops.

Common:  Available All The Time