All About Canis Club

So .... What's This All About ?
The focus and goal of all the Pet Sim Online Sites is the collection, breeding, and showing of highly sought after Bases and Markings, and raising standings with Sparring.
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CANIS brings you these alt dog based breeds and species, some friendly, some not so much. Some are wild and some are domestic (or can be tamed!).
The purpose of the Pet Sim sites is to present a fairly easy but still rewarding Pet Sim for many types of creature - it doesn't have to be difficult to be fun!
There are major and minor species of Cani (plural for Canis).
All start off life as fast hatching Eggs of various looks and colors!
The smallest of the species, the Common Canis is the prototype for all others that came after. Much as mammalian life on Earth is believed to have begun with small rat like creatures, the Cani species had their start in this little guy.

Cute, friendly, very much like the common pet dog.
Common Art Base is by Kitfaced!
The powerful and elegant Gold Canis is one of the Major Species.
Similar in size and build to a Wolf, the Gold has of course, the metal Gold as his own. 
Gold Art Base is by Bat!
The Silver Canis is almost etheral in appearance, long lines of body and a general graceful look. They are one of the Major Species. 
Silver Canis Art Base is by Bat! 

The Bronze is a throwback to the great ancient species of the early days. Sabretooth (usually hidden under jowls)-  and usually crouched and stalking, probably the least tameable of all the Cani. If you can manage to coax domesticity out of this big and deadly breed, consider yourself lucky!
Bronze Art Base is by Bat!

The Copper Canis is large and brawny, a beautiful and unique species. Your basic lumbering type, they appear in many varieties and forms! Setter like and rippling with muscle, if you can find a young one you just might be able to tame it!
Copper Canis Art Base is by Bat!